Why Cloud ERP is Replacing On-Premise

Today, more and more enterprises are adopting cloud services for important applications, or at least using them alongside their on-premise systems in a hybrid manner.
As the cloud brings to the table more cost-effective IT solutions, greater flexibility, and unparalleled scalability, moving your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software to the cloud.
Application hosting with Houston Software allows you to focus on what really matters. Up to 80% of IT resources can be spent on maintenance! Houston Software hosts and supports your software on the two most popular platforms. Microsoft Azure and Amazon EWS.
Avoid spending your firms’ valuable time on supporting complex servers, and infrastructure. Houston Software can manage your mission-critical business applications so your financial team can spend more time on helping your business succeed.
We manage your financial software on a 24/7 basis. We know both the Microsoft Azure Hosting solutions and Amazon AWS.
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7 Benefits of Switching from On-Premise to the Cloud

  1. Cost Savings:
  2. Security:
  3. Connectivity & Accessibility:
  4. Reduced Risk of Data Loss:
  5. Faster Deployment: 
  6. Increased Collaboration:
  7. Improved Efficiency: