VMware is a company founded in 1998 that specializes in providing a platform for the virtualization of IT infrastructure. … VMware now has a major presence in private data centers, cloud management services, virtualized storage and networking, as well as desktop software.
Benefits of Virtualization
Reduced capital and operating costs. Minimized or eliminated downtime. Increased IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness. Faster provisioning of applications and resources.


Unplanned events such as COVID-19 and travel restrictions make it nearly impossible to continue “business as usual.” To ensure your business can continue normal operations, you need to enable your employees to work remotely and maintain productivity, increase connectivity, and provide for continuous, secure access to applications across endpoints. We’re here to help.
  • Deliver digital workspaces on organizational or personal endpoints to access critical applications
  • Protect all endpoints that are accessing organizational assets remotely
  • Accelerate performance of organizational applications on remote connections
  • Provide elastic capacity to scale new users instantly and on demand

   HSI can Provide

  • VMware VSphere
  • Vmware Vcenter
  • Vmware Cloud Suite
  • Vmware Horizon
  • VMware Virtual Desktops
From VSphere to Vcenter from standalone servers to running Vcenter from a virtual machine.
We can build your VMware infrastructure in the Cloud at AWS and maintain for you.