Sales Pad For Dynamics GP


SalesPad GP delivers an all-in-one order entry, inventory, purchasing, and sales management solution that integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft® Dynamics GP data.

Simplifying entry of all purchasing and sales documents, it saves users time and frustration. Users can operate exclusively in SalesPad GP, adding an additional level of security between them and core financials.


Key Features


With Workflow, define individual processes for each type of document your company uses.


Rules can be configured to control how each document flows through the order fulfillment and invoicing process. Sales Monitor provides a detailed view of where each document is in the business process you define.


Customer and Inventory Visibility
See everything at once.


Inventory Lookup displays, in rich detail, all aspects of your inventory on a single screen. With just a few clicks, you can view item availability and properties across multiple companies and inventory locations.


Customer Card displays, at a glance, all customer information, from open sales documents and individual contracts to A/R records, item purchase histories, and special pricing. Single-screen navigation affords more time for customers.


Quote & Sales Order Entry
The Sales Document Entry window makes it easy to enter any type of sales document in a consistent, configurable, and easy-to-learn screen. Users can enter quotes, orders, invoices, and returns. In addition, returns can be originated directly from historical sales invoices.


Purchase Order creation allows users to efficiently generate Purchase Orders directly from back-ordered line items on a sales document. This is essential for those who sell special order or non-inventory items.


Other Highlights
Because SalesPad GP is sold as a single module, these are some of many advanced features included.


Export Data into Microsoft Excel®
All data in SalesPad GP can be viewed in columnar grids which can be easily exported into Microsoft Excel. This feature makes it easy for users to access and analyze data without designing and programming predefined reports.


Document Splitting
Splitting documents allows SalesPad® Workflow to manage the movement of each document through the fulfillment process based on the unique characteristics of that document.


Unlimited User Defined Fields (UDFs)
With the User Field Editor, no programming is required to customize your User Defined Fields. Add an unlimited amount of these fields to several different business objects, including Customer, Contact, Vendor, Item, Sales Document Header, and Sales Document Line Item Records.

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