Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting, which is a module of your Sage ERP solution, is a flexible Excel-based reporting tool. Based on the familiar framework fo Microsoft® Excel® application, Sage Intelligence enables you to quickly and easily get information across your business, enabling better decision-making and improving visibility into your organization.

Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting benefits any person or department that prepares business reports, analyzes information, and makes business decisions. For many companies, that’s most of your organization. Here’s a quick look at how Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting helps your team:

  • Finance and Accounting: Design advanced financial reports and offer strategic advice, convert FRx reports.
  • Management: Assess company performance at a glance through real-time dashboards and custom reports
  • Operations: Monitor key performance indicators with targeted real-time reporting
  • Customer Service: Track outcomes and call volume patterns for staffing purposes
  • Sales: Access real-time sales reports and specific transactions
  • Marketing: Track what is (or is not) selling and make adjustments
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