Microsoft Dynamics© is a versatile, scalable, and cost-effective software solution for managing and integrating finances, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, project accounting, field service, customer relationships, and human resources.

One of the major benefits for those switching to Microsoft Dynamics is the integrated, user-friendly, and familiar Microsoft interface. The software allows customization to the most particular type of organization and can report/track the most specific business or accounting function. Whether you want to automate field service operations, extend your business to the web, improve manufacturing forecasts and order fulfillment processes, empower employees to enroll themselves in benefit plans, or better analyze and manage distribution processes,

Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you do this and much more. This is the value added application that can scale to meet the requirements of growing and mid-size enterprise companies.

Benefit from a seamless and efficient implementation with HSI


There is little this software cannot do and the benefits and control gained by the software more than compensate for the interruption and cost of implementation. The primary reason why companies put off upgrading their accounting and business software is the legitimate fear of losing productivity, efficiency, and at worse- data during the transition process. This is where HSI can offer our decades of experience integrating accounting software in companies of all sizes and functionality. Our consulting staff consists of CPAs, programmers, and former CFOs and CEOs.

If you would like to talk to someone about Microsoft Dynamics, please contact us at 713-494-1045. Houston Software has been an accredited dealer for various Microsoft products since our inception over many  years ago. Microsoft Dynamics is one of the most comprehensive business and accounting software solutions offered by HSI.


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